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Consumer Products and Retail
          Every industry has its specific features and requirements, such as special economic, legal and regulatory conditions, demand patterns, spending patterns, pricing practices etc.
          What works in one industry may not work in another. That’s why we strive to know them all, inside and out. Our professionals are experienced, with in-depth real-world exposure who provide practical perspectives and solutions. Hence you can avoid pitfalls, minimize risk and gain sustainable competitive advantage.
          We build our solutions on extensive process know-how of the sector, our deep industry & business insights and vast technical expertise to offer state-of-art industry-specific services and solutions. This helps clients to maximize ROI and achieve faster time to market as these are tailored to the industry-specific dynamics.
          Though our service offerings are applicable to all sectors, few industry segments have specific needs for their ways and modes of operation.

Our industry-specific offerings include:
Life Sciences
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Ecommerce and E-business

The Ecommerce (B2B and B2C) industry is  
faced with Ecommerce automation, great  
fragmentation is manifested in consumer  
behavior and market response, multi-channel  
ecommerce, multi-channel attribution, need  
for accelerated checkouts, selling directly on  
social media, safe and secure online payment  
gateways and transactions, returns and  
refunds, reverse logistics complexities, ever  
changing local and global regulations,  
extremely long breakeven period, investor  
confidence, and many more challenges.
Retail and CPG

The Retail and CPG industry is faced with  
changing buyer preferences, backlash  
against globalization, deflation/low inflation  
in most developed countries, Intense  
competition on a national and international  
level, High volume of consumer touch  
points. Rapid expansion of social media,  
stiff price challenge from e-tailers,  
increased regulation pertaining to  
operations and consumer protection,  
technology adaption and many more  

The telecom industry is faced with  
consolidation, handling  Video and “over the  
top” (OTT) content, operators’ ability to exploit  
the advantages of big data and advanced  
analytics, new operating models, digitization,  
demographics, In-market share, Valuation  
convergence, changing regulations, scarce  
spectrum and other resources, cut throat  
pricing pressure, new entrants and many  

Overcapacity and fare pressure,  reduction  
in per-passenger yields,  domination of  
intra-regional routes, aging fleets, are few  
challenges the airlines industry faces.

     Airline profitability and financial  
stability will increase by prioritizing profit  
per passenger over cost per seat.

“It is not the strongest of the species that  
survives, nor the most intelligent, but the  
one most adaptable to change” -- Leon C.  

The applications of AI in pharma are  
building momentum, the pharmaceutical  
industry could be on the cusp of a major  
transformation as artificial intelligence  
and Big Data begin transforming how  
drugs are made and tested.
AI > Decision Science