Macroprism is an Artificial Intelligence and Decision Science services firm.

We offer business offering where data intensive modeling is used extensively.

   We provide cutting-edge data analysis services using Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Statistics, Heuristics, Bayesian, Markovian, Monte-Carlo, Operations Research, Statistical Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Network Optimization, Decision Science and other cutting-edge methods/ models to help derive a fact-based business solution

At the core of our approach is the ability to abstract models of the real-life problems that are intuitive to use, yet sufficiently realistic to support robust business analytics and data driven decision-making. These models are used to provide insight, and to quantify the risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems.

We work with our clients as partners helping them create and institutionalize a data driven and applied AI based problem solving culture through capability enhancement and knowledge orientation, step by step.
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About Us
Artificial Intelligence

Every business problem has
multiple solutions and hence
multiple choices. Uncertain
economic environment,
unwilling investors, scattered
data, divergent opinions,
demanding customers, all add
to business challenges.

Every problem is unique yet
one thing is common , the
need to analyze objectively
and bring order.

Research Orientation

Subjective analysis and
boardroom decision making is
past, research oriented
objective analysis based on
facts and data brings
measurable results.

Solving the problem in a model
of the system before applying it
to the real system results in a
better decision.
Result through

Research driven analysis and
model simulation assures
realistic decision and result.
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