Human intelligence is for innovation : Artificial intelligence is for optimization

Yet  innovation is no longer solely the domain of man. In 20th century the innovation curve grew at an exponential rate because of the rapid developments in computer technology driven by Moores Law. And in last decade inventions spurred by artificial intelligence are already widespread and growing faster than ever before.

Objective focus is to develop AI solutions that can provide competitive advantage by augmenting human intelligence and spur the growth curve of qualitative innovations beneficial to society.

Rapid advances in the field of artificial intelligence have profound implications for the economy as well as society at large. These innovations have the potential to directly influence both the production and the characteristics of a wide range of products and services, with important implications for productivity, employment, and competition.

But, as important as these effects are likely to be, artificial intelligence also has the potential to change the innovation process itself, with consequences that may be equally profound, and which may, over time, come to dominate the direct effect.

At present, only few people truly understand the real benefits of AI and what is needed to develop and implement AI into the core processes of a matrix organization.

Second, there are so many service providers and start-ups out there claiming to use AI, but in most cases these offerings are either not advanced and/or too standard and/or too costly.

Third, AI research is moving very fast, and it is also an organizational challenge to keep pace on the one hand and to deselect on the other hand the ideas and approaches that are not business ready yet.
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