We at Macroprism, offer comprehensive and holistic data analysis solutions that encompasses the whole eco-system affecting the organisation. Our solution comprises of:

Artificial Intelligence
Neural Networks / Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Data Science
Statistical Modeling
Artificial Intelligence:

             Over the past few years, there is a steady rise in the importance of Artificial Intelligence, spanning from FMCG companies, professional sports, political consultancies, medical research institutions, and financial firms and beyond.

           As AI spreads into more specific areas, it will require knowledge and skill sets that data scientists and AI specialists usually lack.

             Enterprises that intend to take full advantage of AI shouldn’t just bid for the most brilliant computer scientists. If they want to get AI up and running quickly, they should move to provide functional specialists with AI literacy. Larger organizations should prioritize by determining where AI is likely to disrupt operations first and start upskilling there..

                Piecemeal approach to Artificial Intelligence is bound to fail as effect doesn’t have a single source of cause as business processes are complexly interlinked. Marketplace is no longer limited to a section of buyers and sellers. In a globally connected and dependent world, every economic, political and business aspect is influenced by many factors.

                Facts by definition are irrefutable but noise is misleading. To derive a reliable decision from data it is essential to distinguish fact from opinion, cognitive biases, and innumeracy that challenge a intelligent data analysis.

               To build an efficient AI driven eco-system it is essential to build capabilities and institutionalize a AI culture in the organisation.
At the heart of our approach is the ability to develop abstract models of real-life business problems that are instinctive to use, yet sufficiently realistic to support robust decision-making. These models are used to provide insight, and quantify the risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems.

We work with our clients as partners helping them create and institutionalize data analytics culture through capability enhancement and knowledge orientation, step by step.
Artificial Intelligence Services
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Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning

Machine Learning
Data Science
Statistical Modeling
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