Recent market research report by various leading market research entities have given a mixed growth outlook  for the telecom industry for the next decade.

        Their services have become more commoditized. Their ability to reinvest in network upgrades and digital advances has been severely constrained. At the same time, many carriers have tried to be all things to all people, delivering a wide variety of services to their customers. But as a group, they have not managed to excel at any of those services. So now they are vulnerable to competition.

       Over-the-top (OTT) players, which offer apps and streaming content directly to consumers through the Internet, have increased their dominance, even in core communication services such as messaging and voice. WhatsApp, Viber, and Apple’s iMessage already represent more than 80 percent of all messaging traffic, and Skype alone accounts for more than a third of all international voice traffic minutes. As a result, many telecom carriers are facing significant decreases in their basic communication service revenues: drop-offs of as much as 30 percent in SMS messaging, 20 percent in international voice, and 15 percent in roaming. Combined with intense competition due to lagging industry consolidation, this pattern has led to steep declines in average revenue per user; at best, minimal revenue growth; and tightening margins.
The industry challenges :

Modernizing operations: Simplification, Digitization, Network upgrades.
       Integration with content service providers.
      Network Security
      Market Saturation
      Stiff competition
      Extreme pricing pressure
      Low revenue growth

And hence the focus remains tightly centered on appropriate pricing strategy and optimal use of spectrum and other resources.
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