The attitude of manufacturers, sellers and buyers has changed over time for many reasons - economic conditions, global competitiveness, profit pressure, technology proliferations, access to online markets etc.
              The key to strive and stay competitive depends on ability for companies to predict the future or more practically to forecast the future.

Our business forecasting solutions helps businesses in predicting the future effectively:

Business Forecasting:

              Expanding an existing business or setting up a new business, we have to forecast the demand for the product, capacity of competitors, expected share in the market, the amount and sources of raising finances, etc. Success of a business will depend upon the accuracy of such forecasts.

              Forecasting isn't based on your business performance and predicted performance alone, but also that of the market around you. You need to know your customer base and competition, inside out. Besides, flexibility built into any business forecast is key to a reliable and efficient model.

               Forecasting allows for accurate prediction of future sales based on past performance. This makes for a more efficient operation since the business is able to plan future activities. Sales forecasting also plays a key role in the expansion of a business. Also, it leads to an efficient demand forecast thereby reduce inventory, lead-time and stock outs.
Our market forecasting solutions helps businesses visualize the market secenarios accurately:

Market Forecasting:

                How fast will the market grow and what is the market growth potential?

Prime objective of market forecast is to understand the potential market opportunities, identify changing market conditions and assess their impact on the market and the related assumptions. And then correlate the findings to evaluate, formulate and validate business plans.

Our Forecasting approach is based on a business/ market model specific to the dynamics of a particular market segment and it identifies the key influencing factors about which assumptions are made. These assumptions are informed by numerous fact bases, such as primary and secondary research, inquiry analysis and an extensive network of industry data.
Helps businesses in:
Our business forecasting  techniques

a. Sales Forecasting

b. Demand Forecasting

c. Demand Profiling
d. Promotion Forecasting
e. Autoregressive Moving Average (ARMA) Models
f. Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Models
g. Seasonal ARIMA Models
h. ARCH and GARCH models
i. Deterministic and Stochastic Trend Models
j. Vector auto regression (VAR) models
k. Multi-equation Time-Series Models

l. Smooth transition autoregressive (STAR) model
m. Markov switching models
n. Neural Network forecast models
o. Key data series forecasting
Reduce costs by reducing inventory levels.
Minimize material shortages and stock outs.
Increase forecast accuracy.
Decrease the time to prepare forecasts.
Improved order fulfillment
Improved customer satisfaction
Minimal forecast bias
Higher customer-service levels
Higher customer-service levels
Lower working capital
Statistically validated
Segmentation driven approach
Versatile and reliable forecast
Time-series analysis
Leading indicators
Statistical demand analysis
Top down sales forecasting
Bottoms up sales forecasting
Neural networks
Conjoint analysis
Causal models
Exponential smoothing models
Box-Jenkins models
Time series models
Our market forecasting techniques

a. Scenario Planning
b. Competitor Benchmarking
c. Attribution modelling
Industry/ Leading indicator analysis
e. Buyer's Intention Surveys
f. Test Marketing
g. Previous Sales Data Analysis
h. Product Assessment and Viability Analysis
i. Cross-sectional forecasting
j. Technology forecasting
k. Telecommunications forecasting
l. Transportation forecasting
m. Energy Forecasting
Helps businesses in:
Dynamic and Stochastic Modeling proficiency
Better ROI
in-season vs. out of season performance analysis
Accurate Marketing Mix Models
Research has shown that no single method works best for all data, which is why we offer provides a complete range of forecasting approaches to address all types of business needs
Prime objective of market forecast is to understand the potential market opportunities, identify changing market conditions and assess their impact on the market and the related assumptions.
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