Artificial Intelligence
            AI is completely reshaping life sciences, medicine, and healthcare as an industry. Innovations in AI are advancing the future of precision medicine and population health management in unbelievable ways.

          Computer-aided detection, quantitative imaging, decision support tools and computer-aided diagnosis will play a big role in years to come.
Artificial Intelligence:

A leading thinktank  in a recent article quoted, "Over the next few years, artificial intelligence may exponentially change the way we all gather information, make decisions, and connect with stakeholders. Hopefully this will be for the better and we will all benefit from timely, comprehensive, and bias-free insights . It will be particularly interesting to see how artificial intelligence affects the decisions of corporate leaders - men and women who make the many decisions that affect our everyday lives as customers, employees, partners, and investors."

AI is already helping in the customer engagement, Banking and Finance and marketing areas. And future application areas may encompass all areas which we humans handle.

As AI is in its nascent stage, It is very important to use open source tools and stay away from proprietary AI platforms. We work on open source technologies and platforms to deliver on the best available AI Frameworks.

Our AI techniques:
Tools Expertise:
Dynamic Pricing
AI/ML Frameworks:
RASA (NLU and Core)
Support Vector Machines
Artificial Neural Networks
Markov Decision Process
Natural Language Processing
Hidden Markov Decision Tree
Swarm Intelligence
Sentiment Analysis
       Evolutionary Algorithms
        Ensemble Learning
Expert systems
Pattern recognition
Reinforcement Learning
Genetic Algorithms
Neural Networks
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